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Dr. Niru Kumar

Founder & CEO, Ask Insights, Board Member & National Icon, Election Commission of India. Partner and Leader

" I am a woman. Relationships matter to me.
So does Proffession. so does familiy and so do I!!!
Sometimes that gets overwhelming.
Sometimes I am confused.
Ofter I don't get what I want... "

Women make up half the workforce at the entry level, but as they move up the ladder, their representation drops down
significantly in leadership roles. Although the reasons may be various and complex, the implication is clear organizational and social impact There is a massive opportunity to keep nurturing workplaces that are inclusive,
diverse and equitable and at the same time developing women talent.

The themes of -biases against women, women not being able to network and promote themselves, the imposter syndrome
are talked about so often in present day that it sometimes feels as if these topics are cliché; however, data and research
shows us that we have hardly moved the needle. In fact, a look at the Global Gender Gap researched by the
Word Economic Forum, gives us a realistic picture of where we are.

The backlog of marginalization cannot be bridged so fast! It requires consistent
conversations and active initiatives. Sensitizing the environment and
empowering women must go hand in hand.

The woman’s emotional fabric is delicate, but at times can be damaged by the individual herself. The weblike wiring of a
woman’s brain can bring enormous creativity and productivity, but at the same time can result in self-doubt and distress.
To be able to channelize these energies, women first need a sound listening board after which her unique
personality can be steered towards a productive direction.

The Ultimate Breakthrough Women Journey

A program designed by Dr.Niru Kumar based on her rich experience, of having conducted these sessions and
coached thousands of women over decades.

The program is designed in a way that each element builds upon the other till the culmination state
where different threads are neatly woven into a beautiful tapestry.

The Objective

Assisting high potential female employees to rise to the next level through workshops,
coaching sessions, and references of reading material.
This program is designed exclusively for high potential female employees who have
displayed their impact for the success of the organization.

Challenges to be Addressed

Limitations that come in the way of women claiming leadership roles

responsibilities both
personal and professional

Networking / Building & Managing Relationships

Difficulty in negotiation
& decision making

Our program is unique because

We use power
NLP techniques to make the
learning permanent
and effective.

Dr. Niru Kumar has two decades
of experience in coaching
and mentoring high potential
women who have today reached
very senior positions.

The programs are highly
engaging and have received
phenomenal feedback

The transformation that women have achieved as a result of this program is tangible and measurable

Ultimate Breakthrough© conducts this process, with tremendous expertise and sensitivity.

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