Our Vision & Mission

Ask Insights is committed towards creating an equitable world,
where there is fairness, justice, and respect for all.
Where each person can contribute their best without fear of
judgement or discrimination. Where differences are celebrated, and
authentic inclusion leads to good health and well-being.

We strive to equip organisations, leaders, and people of position
and power to become active allies of underrepresented
and marginalised groups.

Think of Diversity think of us

About Us

Dr. Niru Kumar

Padma Shri 2021; Founder & CEO, Ask Insights, Board Member & National Icon, Election Commission of India.

Dr. Akshay Kumar

Executive Director, Ask Insights Affiliate Lecturer, London Business School, UK. Senior Fellow, Indian Council of Medical Research.

We are pioneers of D&I in India,
bringing transformational changes in the
corporate environment since the last 15 years.
We provide end-to-end solutions
covering organizational strategy, benchmarking
assessments, gender, generational, cultural, LGBT,
unconscious biases and disability in the field of
Diversity & Inclusion (D&I).

We are Senior Doctors, Psychologists and
NLP experts. We use Psychology and NLP tools to
ensure deep and permanent learning. We have a wide net-
work of international partnerships

Our Signature Programs

Our Services include

Assessments | 360 Inclusive Leadership Assessment | DEI Organizational Strategy | Cultural Audit | Accessibility Audit | Consulting on Disability Inclusive Workplace | Review of Policies | Trainings | Unconscious Bias | Inclusive Intelligence | Gender Intelligence | LGBTQIA + sensitization | Disability sensitization | Generational Intelligence | Psychological Safety | Allyship | Empathy | Resilience | Wellness


Our Clients





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